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10 Reasons to Pray for Your Food

07 February on Prayer & Discernment  

Many of us are fortunate enough to eat several times a day. And even if we could only afford to eat once a day, that is still more than the majority of the earth’s population. Believe it or not, there are many reasons to give thanks to Jehovah Rapha (God Our Provider) and to pray for others. Here are 10 of them;

  1. Thank God you are alive, can breathe, and are aware that you have food
  2. Thank God that you have a working digestive system that can digest your food
  3. Thank God for creating the plants and animals for us to eat
  4. Thank God you’re not one of the people in a 3rd world country starving to death
  5. Thank God you’re not one of the lower class people or homeless in your own city that’s struggling for food
  6. Thank God you have the freedom to eat what you like
  7. Thank God for blessing you with taste buds to enjoy your food
  8. Ask God to make the food nourishing for your body
  9. Ask God to protect you from contamination
  10. Ask God to provide others “the less fortunate” with ways to eat like He’s blessed you

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