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10 Reasons You Can Know the Bible is the Truth

21 June on Bible Evidence, The Sword of the Spirit   Tags: , , , ,

If you find yourself wondering if its possible to find God through the Bible or if it’s true, check out these 10 reasons why you can know that the Bible is true.

1Over time, millions of people have found God through the Bible. No one who has honestly searched for God through the Bible has not been able to find Him. People throughout history have found God through the Bible. You can even read both the Bible and any other religious books and the truth will prevail. In fact, it is recommended to study other religious books, God will speak through His Word.

2The Bible was written over a period of 1,400 – 1,800 years by 40 different authors and 2 different languages. Yet the message shared through these books and years is coherent.

3It’s the greatest selling book in history, accepted as the actual word of God by all churches, no matter how many myths and lies try to denounce it.

4People of all races and creeds have found God reading the Bible.  It is globally accepted in every language and by citizens of every country.

5The Bible displays God’s purpose for us. It states the current conditions of this world. It shows us solutions to our life, salvation, culture, economy and more.

6The New Testament is about the Savior and the Son of God, Jesus. Many people have tried to disprove the Bible for many centuries. But none have succeeded. There were too many witnesses and facts to support Jesus Christ.

7The resurrection of Jesus Christ is an actual historic event. No other “prophet” from the Bible or any other religion has risen from the dead. Their bones still occupy their graves.

8Where the Bible is honored, there is progress and development. It is the source of progress, advancement, freedom of choice, education, government and other civil liberties.

9Christianity is built on eternal principles in the Bible. So it will never die. Despite persecution of the saints, totalitarian governments and muslim countries banning Christianity, the church still grows!

10Many people were never told anything about God and who were are to Him. He has reveled himself to people through the Bible, just from reading it.

These are just a feel reasons you can trust the Bible. Notice how this list didn’t waste time providing evidence, dates things were mentioned, archaeological discoveries, and many other things that support its legitimacy. This list states the power of God and how He can reveal himself to those are are searching. If you find yourself asking for Help to Find God, turn to His Word. He will reveal himself to you. Also, check out Help-Me-Find-God.org. Tons of other great information for real truth seekers.