Thank you for visiting Sword Walk. This site is dedicated to the authority of God’s Word (the Bible). Although Sword Walk is a personal journal, its main goal is to be the ultimate Bible study resource.


– Matthew 4:4

There’s more to this world than we can comprehend and since we are not of this world (John 15:19), we must live based on something  that is not of this world, the divinely inspired Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16). It is important for Christians to have a Biblical worldview and to live out the Word; and in order to do that, one must  dwell on God’s Word. The way we act, think, talk and live should be based on Biblical teachings and principles.

The goal of Sword Walk is to help Christians (and skeptics) get more out of the Bible. So here, you’ll find;

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  • & so much more.


About the Author


My name is James Harrison. I’m a husband to a very beautiful and awesome wife. I am also a new dad. My son James III (Tre) was born in May of 2012. Some would say that he is the reason I got saved (or spiritual). But I believe the Holy Spirit just decided that it was my time. Maybe the Spirit’s means was my son. But who knows.

I’m actually a Christian SEO & internet marketing expert. I professionally help websites get found on Google and other parts of the internet. But my passion is God & His Word. I by no means am a “Bible Scholar”, “theologian” or “minister”. I’m just a guy that knows how to research the net. I have a special ability to find things and to surf for information on the world wide web. So I combined my profession and my passion and created Sword Walk, a blog full of resources and information.


My Testimony

I actually grew up going getting forced to go to church on Sundays. I used to fight with my parents weekly. I remember my mom saying to me; “As long as you live under this roof, you will go to church”. I remembered that and couldn’t wait to be ‘grown’. 2 months after I turned 18, I left the house vowing to never return. I went a good 10 years either rebelling against or forgetting about God. (But he never forgot about me.) During those years, I did the typicals;  partied, bar hopped, smoked pot, became a chain smoker, broke laws, you name it. If you could think of it, there’s a good chance that I’ve done it. I remember one time running into a girl I used to go to high school with and kicking it with her. The Bible somehow came up and she began to tell me that she learned in college that the Bible was written by Shakespeare and other translators for King James, in order to help him control society because  London was too hard to control at the time. I thought wow, that’s interesting. I ran with that. I used to even tell people that myself, and became very anti-Bible. I think I always believed in God. But I do remember nights talking with friends and coming to conclusions that we are just here on earth and that God is a made up figure to comfort us i thought of our final destination, death.

I later met my wife, Lisa (at one of the most seediest bars in Pacific Beach, San Diego) at age 26. I wouldn’t say that she was a Christian girl, but she was a ‘good’ girl. She was very family oriented and encouraged hanging out with the family. I think we even went to church on Easters for a couple years.We ended up getting married on 10/10/10. But that didn’t stop me from binge drinking, smoking pot, watching porn, and other human/sinful things.

A little after a year of getting married, I started getting into “conspiracy theories” and looking forward to 2012. I started to seek spirituality (meditation, yoga, opening the pineal gland, spiritual foods, etc). I was up in the cosmos. I started to look for what all religions had in common. I remember my dad telling me about Jesus and me responding which “but there’s something all the religions in the world have in common”. I then started to uncover secular indoctrination, one world religions, one world government, political puppets, the UN, etc. Things started getting clear to me that there was a real evil in this world. I began to think about God. I wasn’t fully on board, but He was on my mind every once in awhile.

One night I was watching a conspiracy YouTube video (knowing you can’t really trust YouTube videos). Through the video it became clear to me that everything is against Christ. Then smack right upside the head it all clicked and I made up my mind that I’m on Team Jesus, no matter how hard it gets for those that believe. Right after the video, I dropped to my knees and prayed to God for forgiveness and to tell me what to do. That next week, my wife and I went with my friends to a Sunday night church service. The pastor did an alter call for those that wanted to accept Jesus into their hearts, and I rushed to the front.


Ever since them I’ve been walking with God and content with my future and eternity. I was no longer scared of the evil in this world, I lost that feeling of being lost and I knew from there on that God was with me. Granted, it hasn’t always been a walk in the park and I haven’t been 100% “righteous”. But all the more reason to thank God for His Love, Mercy & Grace.

If you are not a Christian or aren’t 100% sure if you are a Christian, I encourage you to repent of your humanly ways and to turn to the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Only then will you be promised the eternal treasures God has chosen to give His children (on earth and for eternity) Isaiah 55:8-9 & Romans 10:9

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