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Atheist History: The Cult of Reason & the Reign of Terror

16 April on Atheism & Agnosticism, History & Archaeology   Tags: , , , , ,


1555545_702135906497121_1834695918_nMilitant atheists Hebert and Chaumette initiated the dechristianization of France by murdering and deporting tens of thousands.

Today atheist want to ban religion so that peace and tranquility reign.

During the French Revolution atheist peace and tranquility as the Reign of Terror.

This is an interesting topic because the Reign of Terror included much more than the dechristianization of France. It was against the catholic church at the same time protestant Christian were trying to flee the church.

But nothing’s changed. Atheists are still filled with hate toward Christians and a God (they don’t think exist, which doesn’t make sense at all).


  • James St. Claire

    The Reign of Terror was organized by paranoid deists. Although Christianity was heavily persecuted, organizations such as the Cult of Reason and the Cult of the Supreme Being were declared the main religion of the republic. Please do your research, it makes the rest of us Christians look like fools.

    • Ian buchanan

      The cult of reason was an atheist philosophy

    • Hendrik Jordaan

      He’s specific on Hebert and Chaumette. Deism is what Robespierre wanted, but he’s not the only actor in the “reign of Terror”. And yes, there is some

  • Lavo

    This is what I want my athiests friends to realize when they say that the world would be better if Atheism reigned. All they need to do is look at the Reign of Terror and other Athiest Regimes. The human heart is oppressive by it’s very nature. It seeks domination. At least Christianity kept that desire under order. Humanism, Atheism, these will never address the issues of the human condition. Oppression would be rampant and those who do not have some worth or value in the superficial sense will be eliminated.

    By the way, when I say Christianity, I am speaking of Biblical Christianity or Christianity that is based on the Bible and not the Roman Catholic Church.