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The Sword of the Spirit

10 Reasons You Can Know the Bible is the Truth

21 June on Bible Evidence, The Sword of the Spirit

If you find yourself wondering if its possible to find God through the Bible or if it’s true, check out these 10 reasons why you can know that the Bible...

Ephesians 6:11-12 – Put On the Whole Armor of God

18 May on Logos VOD Commentary, New Testament, The Sword of the Spirit

By coincidence, I just wrote a blog post over at Live the Word Apparel titled “4 Tips for When Fighting in This Spiritual War“. The post focused on fighting the schemes of...

Arm Yourself with a Bible Reading Plan

04 March on The Sword of the Spirit

It’s never too late to start your daily Bible reading plan. Arm yourself with the knowledge of God’s Holy Word, so when others talk nonsense, you can defend your faith. One...