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Free Download! – Early Dating of the Gospels

16 May on History & Archaeology, New Testament   Tags: , , , , ,

Stand to Reason has just launched a new website full of Christian apologetics resources. And as a special thank you to their new visitors, they are giving away a free Gospels timeline by J. Warner Wallace (Author of Cold Case Christianity). The PDF downloads are titled “The New Testament Chain of Custody” & “The Early Dating of the Gospels”. So far I am ecstatic that I found them. So I thought I should share them with my readers/friends.

This is what Stand to Reason says on their website;

FREE DOWNLOAD thank you for visiting our new website!

As a thank you for visiting STR’s new website, 
we’d like to offer you these helpful and informative pdfs,
one of the chain of custody and another on the early dating of the Gospels.

Both pdfs were developed by STR speaker, J. Warner Wallace.