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Proverbs 14:12 – Man’s Way May Seem Right, But…

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I like this verse because its meaning is pretty much the center of what the Gospel and Bible is about. Man so many times wants to do it’s own thing, but it never works out. Jesus said that He is the Way (John 14:6), not one of the ways or the best way, but THE WAY. So when we as people decide what is best for ourselves, it’s surely going to lead us into the wrong direction. And since we are all sinners, that direction is death (Romans 6:23). So let’s follow Christ (the right way) which leads to everlasting LIFE (John 3:16), every day and in every action.

Of course it can be hard at times to discern which way and decisions we make are right because our hearts are deceitful. So we always have to stay focused on Christ, stay in His Word and always aim to be led by the spirit.


Henry Morris Apologetics Study Bible

No humanistically-oriented reasoning can ever lead to true life. See also Proverbs 16:25

NET Notes (Net.Bible.org)

tn Heb “which is straight before a man.”

sn The proverb recalls the ways of the adulterous woman in chapters 1-9, and so the translation of “man” is retained. The first line does not say that the “way” that seems right is “vice,” but the second line clarifies that. The individual can rationalize all he wants, but the result is still the same. The proverb warns that any evil activity can take any number of ways (plural) to destruction.

tn Heb “the ways of death” (so KJV, ASV). This construct phrase features a genitive of destiny: “ways that lead to [or, end in] death.” Here death means ruin (e.g., Prov 7:27; Prov 16:25). The LXX adds “Hades,” but the verse seems to be concerned with events of this life.

Constable’s Notes (Net.Bible.org)

Without the additional light of divine revelation we might conclude that any number of courses of action will lead to good ends. Nevertheless God’s Word helps us see the end of some of these paths so we can avoid them. Salvation by works is one example of this. As someone once told me, “I was climbing the ladder of success, but then I discovered that it was leaning against the wrong wall.” This proverb warns that apparently good roads may prove fatal to the moral life (Prov 7:27; Prov 16:25Matt. 7:13-14) because their destination is wrong.

Matthew Henry Bible Commentary

We have here an account of the way and end of a great many self-deluded souls. 1. Their way is seemingly fair: It seems right to themselves; they please themselves with a fancy that they are as they should be, that their opinions and practices are good, and such as will bear them out. The way of ignorance and carelessness, the way of worldliness and earthly-mindedness, the way of sensuality and flesh-pleasing, seem right to those that walk in them, much more the way of hypocrisy in religion, external performances, partial reformations, and blind zeal; this they imagine will bring them to heaven; they flatter themselves in their own eyes that all will be well at last. 2. Their end is really fearful, and the more so for their mistake: It is the ways of death, eternal death; their iniquity will certainly be their ruin, and they will perish with a lie in their right hand. Self-deceivers will prove in the end self-destroyers.

John Wesley’s Notes on the Bible

Right – There are some evil courses which men may think to be lawful and good. The end – The event shews that they were sinful and destructive.

Disciples Study Bible (MyStudyBible.com)

HUMANITY, Human Nature—Unaided human nature leads people to make wrong choices leading ultimately to death. The untrained conscience cannot be a trusted guide.