Online Bibles

Online Bibles

Great Websites Hosting the Bible Online

YouVersion – One of the internet’s favorite and most popular online Bibles. This is the one most people have installed on their smart phones or tablets. This site is great because it offers a ton of Bible versions, has easy to share Bible passage features, and gives users the option to study in groups, take public notes, bookmark sections, highlight verses, and more. If you are a YouVersion member, connect with me here. – An online Bible provided by Logos, the world famous Bible software creators. What makes them different is the split screen Bible commentary view. is also the inspiration behind all of the Verse of the Day pictures used on this site.

Net Bible – Provides the most robust verse by verse information. Split screen like Biblia; but with the Bible on the left and all the notes, footnotes, articles, exact word translations, and commentary you need to understand any verse, passage or chapter. Besides the split screen Bible, the site also have a plethora of resources.

My Bible Study – Another online Bible very similar to YouVersion. But this one is built around the HCSB translation and has notes from the HCSB Study Bible and HCSB Apologetics Bible.

ESV Bible Online – Just like the My Study Bible, but focused on the ESV (English Standard Version). Great search and topical study features.

There are many more features these sites have to offer.

Bible Translation Comparisons & Parallel Bibles

Bible Hub – Enter a verse and read it in nearly every version, on one page. But even better, you can enter any word, phrase, chapter, verse or combination of each,  or search the concordance, dictionary and encyclopedia.

Bible Gateway“A Searchable Online Bible with Over 100 Versions and 50 Languages” . Enter a Bible passage (e.g., John 3:16), keyword (e.g., Jesus, Christ, etc.), or topic (e.g., salvation) and be ready to dig into the Word (online).

Bible Study Tools – Compare Translations – This site lives up to its name. Compare translations much like Bible Hub & Bible Gateway. But with a ton of tools including blogs, devotionals, studies, articles and so much more.

The Unbound Bible – Enter up to 4 different Bible translations, select a section or book, enter a couple keywords and viola, exactly what you were looking for. (I.E. Say you are looking for that one verse that mentioned Jesus being the new covenant you read several months ago. You’ll enter your Bible version and other versions you might have heard or read it in, select New testament, search covenant, and bam!; every verse in the New Testament about Jesus being the new covenant. (Hebrews 7:22, Hebrews 8:6-13, Hebrews 12:24 <- There are those verses I was looking for..)

Bible Hub Parallel – Read any verse in multiple Bible versions + any public commentary about it, all on one page!

Topical Search Tools

Open Bible – Type in a keyword and read all the verse that have that keyword and verses related to that keyword.

Reference Bible (Bible Z) –  Start typing in a phrase, auto-complete will display, find all verses about chosen phrase.


Would you like to suggest some other sites to be on this list? Let me know here.