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What are Your Goals in Studying the Bible? by Paul Mallison

28 May on Bible Studies, Guest Posts   Tags: , , ,


The goal or aim of studying the Bible for me is not just simply to know the Bible better. The religious authorities in Jesus’ day knew their Scripture very well, but they didn’t benefit from this. In fact, their claim to such knowledge and their confidence in it made them more accountable. Consequently they were more culpable in rejecting Jesus.

For me, knowing the Bible better is itself the means of achieving other goals. These goals include:

    • knowing and understanding God – and knowing how to relate to him better; and
    • knowing what God wants of me and how to do it.

So I’d encourage you to think about what your goals are in reading the Bible. You may find it quite helpful to have your goals in mind while studying the Bible.

You may also find it useful to have some questions regarding your goals, to reflect on once you’ve finished reading a chapter or portion of Scripture. If you have similar goals to mine, such questions might be along the lines of the following:

    • What does this passage teach me about God?
    • Is something that I did not know or needed reminding of?
    • Is there anything I should do/change in how I relate to God – or to other people?
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